Run a Mac Server in a Data Center

Use Cases

Do you need Macs in the cloud? Do you want the world's best scalability, support, uptime, and security?

You’re in the right place!

Remote Mac Desktop

There are thousands of ways to use a Mac, and sometimes you don’t want that Mac on your desk.

Whether you're an individual who is running Windows but needs to use a macOS application, a company who needs to provide access to Mac hardware for employee training or demos, or a university struggling to find new ways to train students on Mac app development, Bird™ can provide the genuine Mac hardware you need in an easy-to-access, secure, cloud environment.

Mac Server Hosting

If you need a cloud-hosted server that can run Mac-only software, Bird™ provides genuine Apple machines with macOS. Or even if you don’t require macOS, but still prefer to run your server on Mac hardware,

Bird’s cloud-hosted servers are the perfect solution. Run a database server using FileMaker, host your company's website, setup a backup server in the cloud, or create a remove media server with Plex -- the possibilities are endless.

You are being overcharged for your cloud computing.

We are fixing that.

The average CPU use across our entire infrastructure helps tell the story. Our servers are unloaded, so why shouldn't we charge our users based on what they're actually using?

Other cloud hosting providers charge you for power you might never use. With us, you keep costs down and have access to our stable, unloaded infrastructure with plenty of temporary burst power at the ready when your website or app gets traction.

Get a mac mini as your hosting infrastructure and stop overpaying.

That's the foundation of honest-value cloud computing.

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Virtualize any OS

Virtualize Any OS

Running VMware ESXi on a dedicated Mac allows you to virtualize macOS/OS X, Windows, and Linux on the same hardware. Access apps on every platform, all from one device that only you control.

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Unlimited Access

Unmetered bandwidth. Network traffic is not throttled or groomed in any way. Expect full download/upload speeds at the network port. Your Mac is always online and available with a dedicated IPv4 address.


12+ Preinstalled Operating Systems

Apple’s latest macOS is here. Over a dozen of the most popular operating systems and hypervisors available for installation at signup or via support ticket (macOS, linux, Windows, and VMware ESXi).


Scale as Your Business Grows

Start with an individual Mac and only pay for what you need right now. As your needs grow, you can easily change, grow, and customize your solution.

Online in Seconds

Be Online in Seconds

Subscribe to a dedicated Mac mini or Mac Pro running macOS with instant activation and get access immediately – part of our combined infrastructure and software technology.


Talk to a Real Person 24/7

Get direct access to expert engineers with experience in hosting, virtualization, storage and more. Data center technicians are standing by for subscription troubleshooting, changes, or upgrades/downgrades.

Dedicated Mac Hardware

Yes, you are getting access to a real, dedicated Mac when you work with us. Genuine Apple machines allow you to run macOS or any other OS.

Develop Locally

Test Remotely, Develop Locally

Set up your Mac mini or Pro as a build server and send jobs to and from your local machine. Develop locally while the remote server builds a new version of the app, tests it, and sends it back to your local machine.


Secure, Fail-Safe Data Centers

Our partners U.S. data centers employ a wide-range of advanced security measures, redundant cooling systems, redundant power systems such as enterprise-class UPSs and fail-safe generators.